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Climb the Treehouse ladder to better Epic
consulting projects

Now Epic clients and Epic consultants have the power to connect without unnecessary overhead, allowing consultants to earn more and clients to pay less. When you belong to the Treehouse, you connect to people and opportunities sure to take you to a higher level of healthcare consulting!


Take just 5 minutes to apply for free membership. We'll review and accept qualified Epic consultants as Treehouse members.
TreehouseConnect.com is secure and confidential.
As a member you can:
  • Connect with the right clients for your project, personal and financial goals
  • Include yourself in current client searches, or simply monitor opportunities
  • Take advantage of our generous referral program


We make it easy for you to connect to screened and approved Epic consultants who are interested in new opportunities.
As a Treehouse client you receive:
  • Affordable access to screened Epic consultants
  • Flexibility to see consultant profiles based on your search criteria
  • Interviews easily arranged when your search is narrowed
  • Online access to hassle-free paperwork for engagements, if desired

How TreeHouseConnect.com Works

Qualified consultants become members of the Treehouse and have control over when they actively look for opportunities. Clients in need of consultants search Treehouse members for matching skills and experience, connecting online at a lower cost.

Consultants, you must first apply for free membership and review your experience with a member of our Treehouse staff. Once you are accepted as a Treehouse member, you will be able to monitor opportunities and sign up for notifications. Your name is not provided to potential clients until you are ready to talk directly to them. Click here to get started.

Clients, request your free logon to the Treehouse, and then you can begin to search for and select qualified consultants to interview. Once there is agreement between the consultant and client on skills, start and end date, and rate, we walk you through a simple process to finalize the engagement paperwork. Treehouse takes care of the administrative details, including invoicing and billing.