Team up with other professionals in the Treehouse

When you become a member of the Treehouse, you can connect to a world of new contract openings. You become part of a community of consulting professionals who share your commitment to making a difference in people's lives through healthcare excellence.

If you want to team up with other top-notch professionals for the best healthcare opportunities, you'll find them here at the Treehouse!

Take just 5 minutes to apply for free membership in the Treehouse. We'll review your qualifications and accept ony the best healthcare consultants as Treehouse members.

Connect to the best Epic consulting opportunities

You'll connect to the best healthcare opportunities at Treehouse. As a member of the Treehouse you can:
  • Review consulting opportunities confidentially. The Treehouse is secure and your participation is private until you choose to be interviewed for a job.
  • Connect with the right clients for the ideal project, and to match your personal and financial goals. You are in control of the opportunities you choose to pursue.
  • Include yourself in current client searches, or simply monitor opportunities. You can keep a pulse on emerging opportunities until you are ready to find a new engagement.
  • Take advantage of our generous referral program. Whether you are actively looking or not, you can invite other consultants to join the Treehouse. When your referral contracts for an engagement, we reward you for connecting us.
  • Access professional guidance on benefits, tax, and even legal questions that can be difficult to understand if you are considering being an independent consultant for the first time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's different about is a refreshing improvement in the way Epic consultants and clients find each other for projects. Consultants are empowered to find projects that meet their career and life balance preferences. Those who are not actively looking for a project can keep in touch with emerging opportunities in the marketplace as they consider their next career move.
Clients are attracted to our Treehouse community because they can reduce "recruiter" fees by connecting online to highly-qualified Epic consultants.

I am not currently set up as an independent consultant. Can I still join?
Yes! You can participate as an hourly W-2 consultant or an independent consultant. We would be happy to help you get set up as an independent consultant.

Can I be an hourly W-2 employee with
Yes! You can be an hourly W-2 employee with if that is your preference. We offer direct deposit and on-line access to your payroll information.

Who can apply to be a Treehouse member consultant?
The Treehouse is intended for the highest quality Epic consultants who have established a solid industry reputation. We are looking for independent consultants, consultants working for another firm, and eligible hospital or clinic employees.

How do I participate?
Our consultants may actively engage in projects, or simply "hang out" in the Treehouse and watch what's happening in the consulting marketplace. Members may also send us referrals to new consultant candidates and potential Treehouse clients and earn money through our generous referral program (please contact us for more details).

What are the benefits of free membership in the Treehouse?
Members of the Treehouse enjoy secure and confidential access to project opportunities and industry news. No recruiters will be welcome. Finding a new consulting project is easy, and members can earn some extra money anytime by referring people and clients.

How do I apply for Treehouse membership?
Applying to join as a Treehouse member is intuitive and fast. First, create a username and password on the Apply to Join page. Next, have your résumé handy to answer a series of questions to develop your member profile, describe your background, and tell us what type of placement you are seeking. A representative will then contact you by phone or e-mail to thank you for your interest and to confirm or clarify any questions. Once your application for membership is approved, you will be sent an e-mail welcoming you to the full site with complete access.

What will I be asked to provide?
Your application will be confidential. We ask you to provide information (similar to what is included on a résumé) to outline your credentials, and provide us with your contact information.

How long does it take to apply and be approved?
The application process asks you a series of questions and takes about 5 minutes to complete. Once your application is approved, you will receive full access to the TreehouseConnect. com member resources within about 48 hours.